Since the early 1980’s,

We’ve helped commercial and industrial customers tackle their critical prime and back-up power challenges with innovative solutions ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts. We can provide renewable energy “green” systems for corporate and industrial facilities looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve sustainability initiatives.

Solar Power Systems

Grid Tie & Off-Grid
System Range: 50W-500kW

Solar Power Systems provide a reliable and proven source of DC power by converting sunlight directly into electricity. Solar Power Systems are a good fit for a variety of commercial and industrial applications because they’re very economical, require very little maintenance and have no ongoing fueling requirements. We offer both grid-tie and off-grid systems with multiple system configurations to meet virtually any of budget and/or site requirement.

Battery Boxes

Outdoor Battery Protection
Standard & Custom Sizes*

Our robust Battery Boxes are designed to shield and protect battery systems located in harsh outdoor environments. Constructed of all-welded aluminum (steel constructon also available) and featuring fully insulated panels, these battery boxes provide excellent protection for your batteries. We offer several standard sizes and can provide custom sizes and a high level of customization per customer requirements.

Battery Enclosures

Indoor Battery Protection
Standard & Custom Sizes*

Unwanted exposure to airborne contaminents and accidental human interaction can compromise the performance and safety of your battery system(s). Our industrial Battery Enclosures are customizable to fit virtually any size and type of battery bank located in harsh indoor environments where space may be limited and performance and safety is important.

Alkaline Fuel Cells

Extended-Run Backup Power
System Range: 5kW+

Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFC) were one of the first fuel cell technologies developed, and they were the first type widely used in the U.S. space program to produce electrical energy and water on-board spacecraft. Powered by hydrogen or ammonia our AFCs are capable of providing long-duration backup power in a compact, resilient and zero-emissions package. AFCs are ideally suited for for critical telecommunications and other mission-critical applications.