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For over 40 years, we’ve delivered thousands of primary and backup power solutions to meet diverse mission-critical needs across the United States and Canada. Here are just a few examples of the power challenges we’ve successfully tackled for our customers over the years! From fuel cell backup technology to off-grid solar power, we can help improve your back up power technology.

Railroad fuel cells in Pataskala, Ohio
Railroad fuel cells in Pataskala, Ohio

Class I Railroad Adopts Fuel Cell Technology for Extended-Run Backup Power at Rail Grade Crossings

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells provide reliable backup power for critical rail wayside assests

The P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell is a DC power generator that works in conjunction with batteries. Powered by readily available, easily transportable and low cost propane, the P250i can sit in standby mode for months to years at a time monitoring battery voltage. The P250i utilizes voltage sensing leads and a remote temperature probe to detect the actual battery voltage and temperature. When batteries dip below a certain pre-determined lower threshold voltage, the P250i will automatically start and after a brief startup period (25-30 minutes) will charge the batteries and power the load. Once the batteries are fully charged (upper threshold voltage is reached), the P250i will automatically begin to cooldown and return to standby mode. 

 Key Customer Benefits:

  • Powered by low cost, readily available and easily transportable propane.
  • Automated operation – no human intervention needed to start or stop system.
  • ZERO maintenance requirements – no moving parts, no oil changes.
  • Extended-run operation – 130-160 hours of runtime on (2) 20# BBQ style propane tanks.
  • Resiliency from weather events and utility grid inconsistencies.
  • Meet corporate sustainability initiatives with a truly “green” solution.
Get railroad fuel cells in Pataskala, Ohio

Midstream Oil & Gas Customer Deploys Off-Grid Solar Power Systems to Power Control & Monitoring Equipment

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems and batteries

System Overview:

These innovative systems are all-in-one “turnkey powerstations” custom designed using high quality components and combined in a manner to ensure proper operation under a range of expected on-site conditions and load demands.

  • Solar Array – consists of two (2) circuits totaling 1140 watts (nominal).
  • Solar Controller – regulation of the system output is provided by one (1) Morningstar TriStar MPPT PV Controller. The Controller is mounted and wired inside of the Battery Box, complete with a Remote Meter for convenient end user operational visibility.
  • Batteries – Sixteen (16) Firefly Oasis 110Ah Microcell Foam VRLA batteries are housed inside of the Battery Box for energy storage.
  • Battery Box – One (1) All-Aluminum Battery Box mounted directly behind the Solar Array houses the batteries.
  • Ballast Trays – Located on the four (4) corners of the system are trays for securing the system to the ground with ballast blocks.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • All-in-one “turnkey” power systems
  • Portable design for flexibility
  • Eco-friendly “green” solution
  • Long-life, extremely low maintenance components
Railroad fuel cells in Pataskala, Ohio

Restaurant Group’s Corporate Headquarters Seeks LEED Gold Certification

Off-Grid Solar Power System with 442-PV Panels 

System Overview:

Completed in the summer of 2013, this 103kW roof-mounted Photovoltaic (Solar) Power System consists of 442-PV panels operating in parallel with the electric utility service via a 100kW grid-tie inverter.  The system feeds utility-grade power of 100kW at 480VAC, 3-phase into the facility’s electrical distribution network.  The system was designed, engineered and installed by RedHawk Energy personnel.    

Environmental Impact

This 103kW Solar (PV) Power System is estimated to produce approximately 125 megawatt-hours per year of energy.  Annually equivalent to: 

  • 23,125,000 smartphone charges
  • 11,036 gallons of gasoline consumed
  • 5,208 electric car charge cycles
Get railroad fuel cells in Pataskala, Ohio

Railroad in Alaska Deploys Stirling Engine Generators for Powering Remotely Located Telecom Sites

Qnergy PowerGen 5650 Stirling Engine

Technology Replaced:

Prior to installing the Qnergy PowerGen 5650 Stirling Engine the customer was previously using continuous run Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to charge batteries and keep their remote telecom locations operational.

While Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology is an advancement over traditional propane/diesel generators, the Fuel Cells used were not particularly well suited for 24/7 prime power operation as they had a finite stack life in the 10,000-15,000 hour range.  By comparison a Free-Piston Stirling Engine is capable of providing 80,000+ hours of life making it particularly well suited for 24/7 prime power operation.   

Key Customer Benefits:

  • The PowerGen has few moving parts and no direct contact points that cause wear and require lubrication; minimizing service and site visits.
  • Does not require special environmental permitting like other gas/diesel generators (100x lower than EPA CO and NOx limits).
  • 80,000+ Hour design life with no start/stop limitations.
  • Easy integration with new or existing power infrastructure.
  • Can load follow that matches power output to real-time load demand to conserve fuel.
  • Low Temperature Operation Package allows for extended starting capability down to -40F (-40C).  
  • Minimal maintenance needs (1 hour per year site inspection recommended).