Our Partners


We are fortunate to partner with some of the best companies in the critical power industry, some of which we’ve worked with for many years.  We’re always looking for partners that can add value to our customers’ critical power requirements.  Interested in becoming a partner of RedHawk Energy?  Reach out to us today!

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Edge Autonomy (Formerly Adaptive Energy)

Edge Autonomy is a leader in providing innovative autonomous systems, advanced optics, and resilient energy solutions to the US Department of Defense, the US Federal Civilian Agencies, allied governments, academic institutions, and commercial entities. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Edge Autonomy designs and manufactures the P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) for back up and portable power applications. Adaptive Energy’s tubular ceramic cell design allows them to offer compact and rugged systems that can operate in the most austere and remote locations. The company offers 250-500 watt fuel cell systems that are powered by globally available and energy dense propane, butane and natural gas.


Qnergy is a company focused on providing energy to a world market looking for innovative, cost-effective and efficient ways to energize the future. With more than 40 years of expertise and proven reliability, Qnergy brings proprietary, high-performance Stirling engine technology to the marketplace for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Qnergy’s PowerGen Stirling Engines are proudly Made in Ogden, Utah.

Gencell Energy

GenCell Energy, based in Israel was founded in 2011 and today is a leading manufacturer and developer of Alkaline Fuel Cell solutions (5kW+). Using the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American space program, GenCell provides affordable, clean backup power for critical infrastructure markets.


LICAP Technologies is a global leader in process engineering for lithium-ion battery electrode, lithium-ion capacitors, and ultracapacitors, using Activated Dry Electrode™ technology and lithiation techniques. LICAP’s proprietary process and equipment design lay a foundation for cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable manufacturing of electrodes for energy storage devices.


Mission Critical Energy, based in Getzville, New York provides technologies for crucial industries such as communications, defense & security, oil & gas, pipelines and transportation, mining , environmental monitoring, water resource management, meteorology, agriculture, and even smart parking. Customers rely on Mission Critical Energy for off-grid power solutions including Superwind Micro-Wind Turbines, power management, SCADA based RTUs and sensors. Superwind Micro-Wind Turbines (350W-1.25kW) are made of the highest quality components – salt water resistant aluminum alloy and stainless steel for autonomous operation in any harsh environment.

WATT Fuel Cell

WATT Fuel Cell is a leading contributor of ideas and technologies that seeks to develop advanced energy solutions for significant energy matters. WATT designs, develops, and manufactures small-scale Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) systems that economically generate clean reliable power at the point of use.  WATT’s fuel cells are available for residential, remote, and recreational applications in 500–1500-watt systems.  WATT’s SOFC systems can run on natural gas, propane, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen – including blends – making WATT a versatile technology that can flex between available and desired fuel options.  WATT is located in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania.


Concentric is a national company and division of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries focused on providing customers with best-in-class microgrid and energy storage solutions by offering engineering, procurement, installation and long term maintenance of Battery Energy Storage Systems.  For commercial and industrial facilities, data centers, and utility operators at the grid edge, Concentric’s engineered solutions solve the challenges of energy resilience, time use optimization, capacity constraints and power quality.  RedHawk Energy’s parent company – Arthur N. Ulrich Company is a representative of Concentric in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania.


Founded in 2007, manufactures smart, high performance ultracapacitor and hybrid technology for transportation, grid-connected, medical, and industrial product markets. The company offers the broadest range of ultracapacitor modules and systems. Ioxus, an ISO-9001 company, sets industry standards with highly modular product families for a wide variety of demanding applications, including X-Series®, uSTART®, and THiNCAP® products. Ioxus is headquartered in Oneonta, N.Y., with additional facilities in Kusatsu, Japan. For more information, visit www.ioxus.com.