Heavy-Duty Outdoor Battery Protection


Temperature extremes and unwanted exposure can place stress on your outdoor critical battery system. Our innovative Battery Boxes are designed to shield and protect battery systems located in harsh outdoor environments. Constructed of all-welded aluminum (steel constructon also available) and featuring fully insulated panels, these battery boxes provide excellent protection for your batteries.


Our heavy-duty Battery Boxes are suitable for use in variety of outdoor commercial and industrial applications where year-round battery environmental protection is of the utmost importance.

Standard Features & Benefits

  • All-Welded Aluminum Construction (Steel also available)
    Weather-tested robust construction promotes long life
  • Fully Insulated Paneling
    Reduces temperature extremes that degrade batteries
  • Tamper Resistant Lockable Lid
    Protects against unwanted human or animal intrusion
  • Dual 1″ Pre-Fitted Wiring Conduit Access
    Provides quick and easy interconnection capability
  • Hinged Lid & Gas-Shock Lift Assist
    Increases safety while opening and closing the box for installation and maintenance service personnel
  • 4X Lifting Eyes
    Provides (4) exterior slots for heavy equipment lifting/positioning
  • Made in the USA


  • Termination Bar
    Pre-installed terminal blocks for customer interconnection
  • Additional Venting Caps
    Additional battery ventilation capability
  • Secure Ground Feet
    Basemounted flanges for securing box to the ground
  • Customization
    Pre-installation of components available


  • Exterior Dimensions: 48″L x 36″W x 24″H
    Interior Dimensions: 44.75″L x 32.75″W x 21″H
  • Exterior Dimensions: 54″L x 52″W x 24″H
    Interior Dimensions: 50.75″L x 48.75″W x 21″H
  • Exterior Dimensions: 56″L x 56″W x 24″H
    Interior Dimensions: 52.75″L x 52.75″W x 21″H
  • Exterior Dimensions: 68″L x 44″W x 24″H
    Interior Dimensions: 64.75″L x 40.75″W x 21″H
  • Custom Sizes Available Upon Request


Brochure – Heavy-Duty Battery Boxes