Solar Power Systems Installation In Pataskala


RedHawk Energy Systems, with its well-established reputation, has a track record of delivering reliable and proven DC power solutions through the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity. Since the early 1980s, RedHawk Energy Systems has successfully completed thousands of solar power installations across North America, catering to diverse applications. Their offerings range from a few watts to several kilowatts, serving both off-grid and grid-tie requirements with utmost efficiency and sustainability. This extensive expertise has solidified their position as a trusted and prominent player in the solar power industry throughout the continent, including their contributions to micro grid power solutions.

Off-Grid Solar:

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems are standalone systems not connected to the electric utility grid. Balance of system components including charge controllers, inverters/converters, batteries and battery boxes are provided to complete our systems.

Buy solar power systems in Pataskala, Ohio

Grid-Tie Solar:

Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems have become an increasingly popular option for residential and commercial properties alike. These systems are designed to generate electricity from solar panels, which is then sent through a grid-tie power inverter and connected to the electric utility. One of the benefits of Grid-Tie systems is that you only use the electricity that you generate, and any excess can be fed back into the electric grid. This creates a more sustainable environment as it encourages the use of renewable sources. Additionally, Grid-Tie Solar Power Systems are convenient and provide hassle-free access to electricity that is eco-friendly and cost-effective. With their many advantages, it’s not hard to see why Grid-Tie systems continue to be a top choice for those seeking to generate solar power.

Solar power systems in Pataskala, Ohio

System Design:

  • Systems are configured for the specific geographical location and load demands

  • Solar calculations and sizing is performed using the latest solar radiation data, surface meteorology data & sizing programs

  • Comprehensive Site Survey Services available: Shading & Obstruction Analysis, Complete Sizing Reports, Equipment Loading & Power Draw Estimation, Complete I&O Manuals & Drawings, Custom-Engineered Designs

Mounting Options:

We offer a variety of mounting options to satisfy virtually any budget and/or site requirement.

Solar power systems in Pataskala, Ohio

RP Series Retractable Mast

Our patented RP Series Retractable Mast is a safe and convenient solution for mounting solar arrays to a pole structure at ground level. The system can be raised and lowered via a hand-crank or power drill for safe and easy installation, maintenance and replacement.

Fixed Pole

Our Fixed Pole Systems are a cost-effective solution for mounting single or multiple solar arrays to an aluminum pole structure. Fixed Pole Systems can be equipped with an optional ladder (on back of pole) to help faciliate periodic maintenance and troubleshooting.

Ballasted (PV PowerStation)

Our Ballasted (PV PowerStation) System combines a solar array, charging & monitoring equipment, batteries, battery box, ballast and adjustable leveling supports. This flexible design can be constructed in a few hours and can be used as a permanent or temporary solution.

Ground Mount

Our Ground Mount Systems are a cost-effective mounting solution when and where space permits. We can provide a variety of ground mount options large and small from reputable manufacturers.


Our VersaTilt Mount is designed to allow solar arrays to be adjusted to reach multiple desired tilt angles horizontally from 0° – 55°. This gives the system the ability to achieve maximum performance during the change of seasons.

Roof Mount

Our Roof Mount Systems are a good fit for commercial applications as they make use of often unused real-estate (roof). Systems can be flush mount or mounted at a desired tilt angle. Systems are designed in accordance with applicable codes.


Balance of system components including batteries, battery boxes, charger controllers/inverters are provided to complete our systems.


Batteries play a vital role within your critical power system. All batteries are not created equal. We can provide both nickel cadmium and lead acid batteries as components of our systems.

Battery Boxes

Our innovative Battery Boxes are designed to shield and protect battery systems located in harsh outdoor environments. We offer several standard sizes and can provide a high level of customization based on customer requirements.

Controllers / Inverters

High-quality Controllers, Relay Drivers, Inverters and Converters can be provided to complete our systems and come pre-wired and pre-assembled to customer requirements.


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