Solar Power Systems Servicing


Solar (PV) Power Systems provide a reliable and proven source of DC power by converting sunlight directly into electricity.  As an integrated solutions provider with over 40+ years of experience supplying Solar (PV) Power Systems for both off-grid and grid-tie requirements we offer a range of services for every step of the process.   

Services Available for Solar Power Systems

Our expert technicians are available to complete a wide variety of different services for solar power systems.
  • Site Survey Services
    • Shading & Obstruction Analysis
    • Equipment Loading Measurement
    • Power Draw Measurement
    • Solar Radiation & Surface Meteorology Analysis
  • Sourcing / Fabrication / Customization
    • Material Procurement
    • Pre-Wiring & Pre-Assembly
    • System Component Integration
    • Material & Workmanship Warranties
    • Hybrid System Integration
  • Design / Engineering Services
    • Complete Software Sizing Reports
    • Written Specifications
    • CAD Drawings, Schematics, Layouts & One-Line Diagrams
  • Pre-Installation / Installation / After-Sales Support
    • System Cutover & Supervision Training
    • Detailed I&O Manuals, Drawings & Packages
    • Preventive Maintenance Recommendations
    • Safety & Maintenance Training
    • Replacement & Disposal Services
    • Dedicated Technical Support

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