Battery Accessories


Critical battery systems need to perform when called upon.  We offer a range of battery accessories to help you install, protect, test and maintain your critical battery systems for years of trouble-free service.

Battery Boxes

Battery boxes are innovatively designed to shield and protect battery systems in harsh outdoor environments. The battery boxes with fully insulated panels provide excellent protection of critical batteries. Battery boxes can be used in the harshest conditions, year-round.

Battery Enclosures

Battery Enclosures offer premium battery protection for critical battery systems. Unwanted exposure to both accidental human interaction and airborne contaminants can damage critical battery systems. Our innovative can polycarbonate battery enclosures can protect your investment and ensure the safety of your battery systems.

Battery Racks

Battery Racks feature slide-out trays for ease of access, installment, and maintenance of battery systems. They can accommodate a variety of battery sizes, chemistries, and voltages. The battery racks are meant to be highly customizable and heavy-duty.

Battery Testers

For a variety of reasons, all batteries lose capacity over time. Determining a battery’s true capacity cannot be accomplished by simply measuring the voltage of the battery or its cells, even under load conditions. The only reliable method of determining battery capacity is to measure the time the battery takes to discharge into a known load. Our RH-3 Portable Battery Tester takes the guesswork out of determining the true health of your battery system by providing convenient and automated capacity testing of all battery technologies and voltages from 10-60V.

Battery Tool Kits

Proper tightening of battery terminals is necessary to prevent loose connections and improper charging.  Our Battery Tool Kit provides a safe and convenient means of installing and adjusting SAFT’s nickel cadmium batteries in the field to recommended factory specifications.