Battery Testers


The La Marche RH-3 Battery Tester is an electronic battery tester that measures Amp-Hours and battery performance under controlled test conditions. The RH-3 Tester is offered in 500W and 750W models and can be operated in several test modes, which provides the flexibility to test each battery according to its own ratings or application requirements.

The advanced settings on the RH-3 Battery Tester provide the capability to perform multiple charge/discharge cycles on the battery while a battery charger is connected to the system. The RH-3 configurations and data logging capabilities allow the user to save files for several batteries identified by a designated ID number. The detailed charging and discharging parameters assist the user in determining the health and condition of the battery. The data log files are easily accessible through the front panel USB port. 


Our Battery Tester allows the user to test battery performance under different conditions or circumstances to ensure the battery is effective. 

Standard Features & Benefits

  • Capacity Measurement
    Monitor the battery’s voltage, discharge current and Amp-Hrs drawn as it measures the time it takes to discharge the battery under specific load.
  • Wide Operating Range 
    Accommodates a wide range of battery voltages (10V-60V).
  • Dual Test Modes
    Tests the battery with either a Constant Current (CC) or Constant Power (CP) loads.
  • Selectable Test Termination Modes 
    Battery End Voltage, Elapsed Time, or Maximum Amp-Hrs drawn.
  • Multiple Battery Test Cycles
    Automatically initiates battery tests after fully charged.
  • Data Logging
    Maintains a CSV log file for each battery, which keeps track of charge and discharge cycles.
  • Self-Powered
    Powered from the battery being tested (no connection to AC power grid)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection 
    Internal fuse protection against reverse battery connections.
Input Voltage Range 10V – 60V
Test Modes
  • Constant Current
  • Constant Power
Termination Condition
  • End of Voltage
  • Maximum Amp Hour Drawn
  • Elapsed Time
Max. Discharge Current 50A | 75A
Max Discharge Power 500W | 750W
Discharge / Charge Parameters
  • Voltage | Voltage %
  • Current | Amp-Hrs
  • Power | Watt-Hrs
  • Temperature
  • Elapsed Time
Data Logging Up to 99 Battery Log Files
FAN Operations Based on Thermal Sensing Yes
  • Battery Reverse Polarity
  • Battery Over Voltage
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Internal Device Failure Shutdown
Internal Memory Up to 8GB
External Port USB
User Interface LCD Display and LED Indicators
Operating Temperature 0-40°C (32-104°F)
Model Number Case No.

Overall Dimensions

W x D x H

RH3-500W-10 / 60V – 50A 120
  • 12.32″ x 12.00″ x 5.67″
  • 313mm x 305 mm x 144mm
22 lbs | 10 kgs
RH3-750W-10 / 60V – 75A 120A

13.27″ x 11.15″ x 5.67″

337mm x 287mm x 178mm

25.5 lbs | 11.5 kgs


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