Fuel Cells provide a reliable source of DC power by converting chemical energy into electricity. We currently offer both Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Alkaline Fuel Cells from 250W to 5kW+ for critical backup power requirements.

Stirling Engine Generators

Stirling Engines combine high efficiency Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) technology with advanced combustion capabilities to efficiently transform propane and natural gas into electricity from 1.8kW to 5.6kW for critical prime and backup power requirements.

Solar (PV) Power Systems

Solar Power Systems provide a reliable and proven source of DC power by converting sunlight directly into electricity. Since the early 1980’s, we’ve provided thousands of Solar Power Systems all across North America from 100W to 100kW for both off-grid and grid-tie applications.

We’re pleased to announce that our P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell was selected as a C&S products category winner of Progressive Railroading’s 4th annual Reader’s Choice Awards program!

Powered by propane, our P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell automatically senses low battery voltage to turn on and charge battery banks at grade crossings, signals and other wayside assets during extended power outages. 

The 2023 Progressive Railroading Reader’s Choice Awards program recognizes products that best meet the industry’s needs as selected by subscribers of Progressive Railroading magazine.

Critical Power Systems

We specialize in advanced power generating technologies and over the last 40+ years have been a leader in deploying these technologies to critical infrastructure markets. We pride ourselves on being product agnostic and letting the application drive customer buying decisions.

RedHawk Services, LLC

We would like to introduce our newly formed service subsidiary – known as RedHawk Services, LLC.  RedHawk Services is located in Pataskala, OH and specializes in battery & charger installation, preventive maintenance, replacement, safety training and recycling services. 

RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC

RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC is an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer and value-added subsidiary of the Arthur N. Ulrich Company. Since the early 1980’s, RedHawk Energy has helped commercial and industrial customers tackle their critical prime and back-up power challenges with innovative solutions ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts.

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