Switch Boost™ 12V System


The Switch Boost™ 12V Systems by RedHawk Energy offer innovative solutions for railway power switches, leveraging Ultracapacitor and Hybrid Ultracapacitor technology to meet the high demands of switch operations efficiently and reliably.


Railway Power Switches

A railway power switch application requires an AC or DC power source that can provide a high initial current to meet the the in-rush/break-away current demand of the switch or hydraulic motor. This momentary in-rush is followed by a lower level current for a longer duration as the switch throws. Finally, a small rise in current towards the end of the operation usually occurs as the switch drives home. 

Ultracapacitor Technology

ELDC Ultracapacitors

Ultracapacitors, also known as Supercapacitors or Electrical Double Layer Capacitors (ELDC) are a relatively new energy storage device with capabilities that are a cross between a capacitor and a battery. The fundamental difference between an Ultracapacitor and a battery relates to how energy is stored in the device. In a battery, the energy is stored in an electrochemical form where reactions inside the cell release their charge to create a usable electric current. An Ultracapacitor works on a different principal. Ultracapacitors store energy in electrostatic form where an electric field is created when opposite charges are held separated from each other. Once the field reaches its maximum voltage the Ultracapacitor is charged. When a conductive path is established, electric current flows and the device begins to discharge. 


Hybrid Ultracapacitors

Hybrid Ultracapacitors (HCAP) combined with Lithium Ion are an emerging technology for energy storage. HCAPs can replace traditional batteries and offer a more reliable, cost effective solution for 24V railway power switches. The hybrid technology provides a source of short-duration power and energy for long-duration backup. HCAPs are an environmentally friendly power source which do not contain heavy metals (RoHS Compliant), is non-flammable, and poses no risk of explosion or thermal runaway.

All-New Switch Boost™ 12V System

Our innovative Switch Boost™ 12V System utilizes either an ELDC Ultracapacitor or Hybrid Ultracapacitor module to provide enhanced power for 12V railway power switches. Taking advantage of the high current and exceptional cycling capability of ultracapacitors and hybrid ultracapacitors, our Switch Boost™ Systems can dramatically improve the performance, life, and reliability of railway power switches, compared to battery-only systems.

Our Switch Boost™ 12V System can replace traditional 12V batteries and offer a more reliable, cost-effective solution in virtually the same footprint. Modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically to match any new or existing integrated switch-mount requirement.

ELDC Ultracapacitor

Hybrid Ultracapacitor

Suitable For

Hydraulic Yard Switch

Dark Territory Switch

Mainline Switch

Yard Switch 

Hump Yard Switch

Compatible with Solar Powered Switches

Technology Advantages

Short Duration High Power

Ultracapacitors are well suited for short duration high power demands.

Exceptional Charge Efficiency

An Ultracapacitor is up to 98%+ efficient on charging throughout its life.

By comparison, the charge acceptance efficiency of lead acid batteries is typically in the 70% to 85% range and is based on state of change, charge rates, and plate construction. Charge efficiency also decreases as the battery ages.

Rapid Recharge Time

Ultracapacitors can be recharge extremely fast – from seconds to just a few minutes. 

Comparatively lead acid batteries take between 4 and 7 hours with a “sufficient” charging source to recharge from 10% SOC to 100% SOC.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Ultracapacitors are capable of delivering energy down -40 degrees C with minimal impact on performance and efficiency. While batteries may struggle to perform as temperatures dip below 0 degrees C, Ultracapacitors will be negligibly impacted even under the coldest conditions.

cycle Life

Ultracapacitors have a substantially longer cycle life than lead-acid batteries, capable of providing years of trouble-free service before needing a replacement.

Other Switch Boost™ Systems

In addition to our Switch Boost™ 12V System for high voltage railway switches we also offer 24V and 120V systems that are suitable for powering mainline track switches, yard switches, dark territory switches and more.

Switch Boost™ 24V System

Our innovative Switch Boost™ 24V Systems utilizes either an ELDC Ultracapacitor or Hybrid Ultracapacitor module to provide enhanced power for 24V railway power switches.

Switch Boost™ 120V System

Our Switch Boost™ 120V System utilizes one or two Ultracapacitor (HCAP) modules to provide enhanced power and energy for 120V railway power switches.