PV PowerStation


The innovative PV PowerStation is the perfect solution for off-grid and backup applications requiring reliable power in a completely integrated package. The PV PowerStation combines a solar array, charging and monitoring equipment, batteries, battery box, ballast and adjustable leveling supports in a relatively small footprint. It’s flexible design allows the system to be utilized as a permanent or temporary solution, providing power whenever and wherever it’s needed.

System Components:

Solar Array

Pre-wired and pre-assembled sub-array is ground-mounted on a common framework with solar modules, module rails, interconnection wiring and all applicable stainless steel hardware. Tilt angle can be customized to capture the maximum solar radiation available at your location.


The solar controller is mounted and wired inside the battery box. A remote meter is provided in a clear cover junction box mounted to one of the system’s upright channels for convenient system diagnostics visibility.


Batteries are housed inside the battery box. We offer a range of nickel cadmium and lead-acid batteries per customer preference/request. Learn more here.

Battery Box

The integrated battery box houses the batteries and solar charge controller equipment. Battery boxes feature fully insulated paneling, gas-shock lift assisted lids, pre-fitted conduit entries and four (4) slotted openings for easy forklift/cart positioning.

Ballast Blocks & Leveling

Located on the four (4) corners of the system are trays for ballast blocks and leveling jacks to secure the system to virtually any terrain. Adjustable leveling jacks provide additional support and allow you to level the system no matter the site conditions.

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