Prepare Your Critical Power Infrastructure for Extreme Weather: How RedHawk Energy Can Help

by | May 5, 2023 | Alkaline Fuel Cells, Backup Power, Critical Power Infrastructure, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Prepare Power systems

As critical infrastructure markets face increasingly extreme weather conditions, the need to prepare power systems for these events is paramount. RedHawk Energy’s solid oxide fuel cells, alkaline fuel cells, and stirling engine generators are essential components in preparing critical power infrastructure for extreme weather. By leveraging these products to anticipate failure risks, you can ensure operations remain secure despite Mother Nature’s best efforts.

Invest in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Alkaline Fuel Cells

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) and Alkaline Fuel Cells (AFCs) are two of the most dependable sources of emergency power available for critical infrastructure, providing resilience against potential disruptions. With their ability to generate electricity even during extreme weather events, SOFCs and AFCs provide an additional layer of protection against failure risk. RedHawk Energy’s Stirling Engine Generators engine generators are also a long life and low maintenance solution for powering essential systems in the event of extended outages.

This means they can produce more energy from less fuel, reducing operating costs while providing dependable performance. Additionally, SOFC technology has proven resilient under harsh conditions such as temperature fluctuations or dust storms, making them ideal for use in remote locations or areas with unpredictable climates.

AFC technology

AFC technology is another excellent choice for protecting critical infrastructure against unexpected outages or natural disasters. They are also incredibly efficient—some models have been known to reach 95% efficiency rates—and require minimal installation space due to their compact size and lightweight design.

RedHawk Energy’s Stirling Engine generators

Provide yet another cost-effective option for powering essential systems during outages and emergencies. These units feature advanced control systems that enable users to adjust output levels based on changing load requirements, allowing them to achieve maximum efficiency at all times without compromising reliability or safety standards. The engines are also designed with noise reduction capabilities so they won’t disturb nearby residents or wildlife habitats when used outdoors in rural areas where access may be limited by terrain restrictions such as mountainsides or dense forests.

Key Takeaway:

SOFCs and AFCs are highly reliable sources of backup power for critical infrastructure applications, offering high efficiency rates and excellent resilience under extreme weather conditions. RedHawk Energy’s sterling engine generators provide an additional cost-effective solution with advanced control systems to ensure maximum efficiency without compromising reliability or safety standards.


Preparing critical power infrastructure for extreme weather requires a comprehensive approach. RedHawk Energy’s solid oxide fuel cells and alkaline fuel cells will provide further reliability when the grid is unreliable due to severe weather events. With these solutions, you can be confident that your power system is prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws it’s way. Invest in the right technologies to ensure reliable and efficient operations during challenging conditions.

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