Safe & Convenient
Mounting Solution

Our innovative RP Series Retractable Mast is a safe and convenient solution for mounting solar arrays and other equipment to a pole structure at ground level.  Introduced in 2001, following a 3-year development, the patented RP Series Retractable Mast system is the first mast system of it's kind to retract to ground level along the same axis allowing the system to remain fully operational, even in its lowered position.

How It Works?

The RP Series Retractable Mast features a movable exterior sleeve that travels up and down a fixed mast.  This allows solar arrays, wind turbines, dish antennas, signal heads and other equipment to be mounted to the pole structure at ground level.  The equipment can then be raised along the same axis manually (hand-crank) or via a power drill.  In like fashion, periodic maintenance, troubleshooting and equipment replacement can be achieved by lowering the sleeve to ground level. 

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RP Series Retractable Mast

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