PowerGen Stirling Engines

PowerGen Remote Power Generators combine high efficiency Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) technology with advanced combustion capabilities to efficiently transform propane, well gas and natural gas into electricity.  The external combustion engine and automatic control system enable the generator to produce steady, dependable power from 600W up to 5.6kW.  PowerGen Stirling Engines are manufactured by Qnergy.

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Free-Piston Stirling Engine Technology

Qnergy's Free-Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) generator can transform virtually any heat source into electricity.  Once heat is applied to the FPSE the heat exchangers maintain a temperature differential across the engine causing the helium to shuttle back-and-forth inside the engine, expanding and contracting.  The oscillating helium drives the linear reciprocating motion of the piston, which by means of an integral linear alternator, directly converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into electrical power.

The Qnergy engine has fewer moving parts than traditional kinematic Stirling engines,  and no direct-contact points that cause wear and require lubrication.  The Qnergy engine is truly a maintenance-free technology that offers long-life performance, two key features that make it an ideal power source.

Free-Piston Stirling Engine Technology (JPG)

Stirling Engines vs. Diesel/Gas Generators

Diesel/Gas GeneratorDiesel/gas generators are widely used for prime & backup power generation for critical applications due to their high power, mass market availability and low initial cost.  What's often overlooked is the on-going maintenance needs and associated costs to keep diesel/gas generators operational.  You have to change the oil every few hundred hours, rebuild the engine or even replace/scrap entirely after just a few years.  In addition diesel/gas generators are noisy, have dirty emissions and are prone to theft.  By comparison gas/diesel generators typically have a design life of 1,000-3,000 hours whereas the PowerGen Stirling Engine has a design life of 60,000+ hours!

PowerGen Advantages

PowerGen Stirling Engines have several advantages over conventional diesel/gas generators. 

Multiple Fuel Sources

Multiple Fuel Sources

The PowerGen can operate seamlessly with a variety of fuel supplies including: propane, natural gas, ethane, bio-gas, as well as multiple associated gas streams of differing caloric values. 

Multiple Output Config.

PowerGen Output Architecture

By means of its flexible and modular design, the PowerGen can be tailored to provide a broad range of power output (600W, 1.2kW, 1.8kW, 5.6kW) and output voltages (120/240 VAC, 24/48VDC) to meet the electrical requirements of each specific site load. 

ZERO Maintenance

ZERO Maintenance

The PowerGen has fewer moving parts than traditional kinematic Stirling Engines and no direct contact points that cause wear and require lubrication.  The PowerGen is truly a maintenance-free technology and offers long-life performance, two key features that make it an ideal power source!

Easy Integration

Qnergy Stirling Engine

The PowerGen can easily be integrated with new or existing power infrastructure including batteries, solar & wind, solar charge controllers and much more!  Dry contacts, relays and MODBUS provide easy interfacing.  Web-based remote monitoring is also available. 

60,000+ Hour Design Life

Free-Piston Stirling Engine

Free piston Stirling Engine technology was pioneered by NASA in space.  Unlike other technologies there is no reliability reduction for multiple start-stops or continuous operation.  Design life for commercial applications is conservatively estimated at 60,000 hours with zero maintenance!

Heat Recovery (Optional)

Qnergy Stirling Engines 

The PowerGen can be provided with an optional heat recovery interface to capture and use hot-air heat for heating of equipment houses/cabinets.  The heat-supply ratio is 2.5-3.5x that of the electrical power with controllable supply temperatures.  

PowerGen Technical Specs

Stirling Engines- Output Power: 600W (PowerGen 600 Series)

- Output Power: 1.2kW (PowerGen 1200 Series)

- Output Power: 1.8kW (PowerGen 1800 Series)

- Output Power: 5.6kW (PowerGen 5650 Series)

- Nominal Operating Voltage: 120/240 VAC

- Operating Temperature: -13°F to 122°F 
(Cold Temperature pkg available down to -40°F)

- Weight: 866 lbs

- Dimensions:  69.4"L x 28.1"W x 57.2"H

- Recommended Pad Dimensions: 72"L x 36"W

- Recommended Pad Base: Level Gravel, Concrete, Rail Ties

- Fuel Consumption (Propane Max) - PowerGen 600 Series (600W): 4.3 gal/day

- Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas Max) - PowerGen 600 Series (600W): 550 ft³/day

- Fuel Consumption (Propane Max) - PowerGen 1200 Series (1.2kW): 7.2 gal/day

- Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas Max) - PowerGen 1200 Series (1.2kW): 935 ft³/day

- Fuel Consumption (Propane Max) - PowerGen 1800 Series (1.8kW): 10 gal/day

- Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas Max) - PowerGen 1800 Series (1.8kW): 1,300 ft³/day

- Fuel Consumption (Propane Max) - PowerGen 5650 Series (5.6kW): 44.4 gal/day

- Fuel Consumption (Natural Gas Max) - PowerGen 5650 Series (5.6kW): 3,964 ft³/day

- Fuel Pressure Range (Propane): 2-10 PSI

- Fuel Pressure Range (Natural Gas): 3-50 PSI

- Cabinet Electrical Rating: IP54

- Certification: cETLus (UL2200), (CSA C22.2#100/C22.2#14)e3w

- Generator Design Life:  60,000+ Hours (No start/stop limitations) 

PowerGen Applications

The PowerGen Stirling Engines are a great fit for remote wayside rail signaling and telecommunications applications (control points, interlockings, remote sites, telecom stations, etc.), due to their rugged and robust construction, extremely long life and little to no maintenance needs.  

Prime Power (Off-Grid)

Stirling Engine Prime Power

The PowerGen can be used as a prime power generator for remote locations where utility power connection is unavailable and/or too costly.  The PowerGen is capable of cycle charging or running continuously for 60,000+ hours with no start/stop limitations.   


Backup Power

Stirling Engine Backup Power

The PowerGen can be used as a backup power system for locations with AC utility power connection.  A transfer switch can signal the PowerGen to start and provide power during an AC power outage.  Unlike some power technologies, the PowerGen has no start/stop cycle limitations.


Solar Hybrids

Stirling Engine Solar Hybrid

The PowerGen is well suited to provide supplemental power to new or existing Solar Power Systems.  During periods of insufficient solar production (ex: winter months), the PowerGen is signaled to start and provide power to charge batteries.  This setup also conserves fuel during summer.



Qnergy is a company focused on providing energy to a world market looking for innovative, cost-effective and efficient ways to energize the future. With more than 40 years of expertise and proven reliability, Qnergy brings proprietary, high-performance Stirling engine technology to the marketplace for commercial, industrial and residential applications.  Qnergy's PowerGen Stirling Engines are proudly Made in the USA! 

Website:  http://www.qnergy.com


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