Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) provide a reliable source of DC power by converting chemical energy into electricity. Powered by propane or natural gas, the P250i is capable of providing days, weeks and even months of reliable, clean, extended-run backup power protection for a variety of critical infrastructure needs.  The P250i is manufactured by Adaptive Energy, LLC.

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How It Works?

The P250i is designed to work with new or existing power infrastructure including the utility grid, batteries, solar charge controllers, dc-dc converters, etc.  Powered by readily available and low cost propane or natural gas, the P250i has the ability to sit in standby mode for months to years at a time monitoring battery voltage.  The P250i will automatically start once the batteries dip below a pre-determined lower threshold voltage.  After a 25-30 minute startup period, the P250i will begin charging the batteries and powering the load.  Once the batteries reach a pre-determined upper threshold voltage, the P250i will automatically begin to cool-down and return to standby mode.

P250i Configuration

P250i vs. Diesel/Gas Generators

Diesel/gas generators are widely used for backup power generation for critical applications due to their high power, mass market availability and low initial cost.  What's often overlooked is the on-going maintenance needs and associated costs to keep diesel/gas generators operational.  You have to change the oil every few hundred hours, rebuild the engine or even replace/scrap entirely after just a few years.  In addition diesel/gas generators are noisy, have dirty emissions and are prone to theft

P250i Advantages

Propane or Natural Gas

P250i Propane

The P250i is powered by readily available and low cost propane or natural gas.  During operation the P250i efficiently burns 1/4lb LP/hour and can provide 130-160 hours of run-time on two (2) BBQ style propane tanks. 

Easy Integration

P250i Integration

The P250i integrates seamlessly with the utility grid, generators, batteries, solar & wind, solar charge controllers, DC-DC converters, fused external communications, computers, modems and other customer electronics.

Zero Maintenance

ZERO Maintenance

The P250i needs no oil changes, has no moving parts and requires no routine maintenance.  In fact, the P250i can sit in standby mode for months to years at a time monitoring battery voltage and only run when its called upon.

Telematics Monitoring


Telematics (optional pkg) provides real-time and historical operational visibility via cellular/satellite service to web portal dashboard with data logging, status reports, 2-way communications and much more to reduce site trips and increase system uptime. 

All-Climate Performance

All-Weather Performance

The P250i utilizes a ceramic electrolyte which is not susceptible to freezing and thawing cycles common among other fuel cell types.  Its robust design allows the P250i to reliably operate in virtually any climate -40°F to 122°F

Proven Deployment

Fuel Cell Photos

Over the past 3-4 years we've deployed hundreds of P250i's for various critical infrastructure applications.  Check out a handful of installations in our photo gallery. Photo Gallery.

P250i Technical Specs

- P250iCharging Power: 250 Watts

- Operating Voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC

- Charging Amps: 20A, 10A, 5A

- Fuel Consumption (LPG): 0.25lbs/hour

- Fuel Consumption (CNG): 3.27m³/day

- Standby Power Draw: <0.05W

- Design Target Life: 250 Cycles / 3,000 Hours

- Operating Temperature: -40°F to 158°F

P250i Applications

Whether it's an extended power outage from an ice storm, wind storm, hurricane or an existing power system that insufficiently charges batteries, the P250i can provide reliable and efficient supplemental power to charge batteries and keep critical operations up and running.



Highway Crossings
Intermediate Signals
Control Points
Solar Hybrids
Telecom Equipment
Disaster Prepardness

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Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

SCADA Equipment
Remote Telemetry
Measurement Systems
Solar Hybrids
Field Automation/Instrumentation

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Critical Infrastructure


Traffic Intersection Signaling
Highway Call Boxes
Advanced Warning Systems
Border Security/Surveillance
Network Infrastructure
Weather Stations
Emergency Management Systems

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Adaptive Energy

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Adaptive Energy designs and manufactures the P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) for back up and portable power applications. Adaptive Energy's tubular ceramic cell design allows them to offer compact and rugged systems that can operate in the most austere and remote locations. The company offers 250-500 watt fuel cell systems that are powered by globally available and energy dense propane, butane and natural gas. 



PDF Brochure - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Application Notes

PDF  Application Note - Improving Safety at Rail Crossings During Extended Power Outages

Case Studies

Just a few examples of the hundreds of SOFC systems we've supplied for critical applications since 2014.   

PDF SOFCs Provide Extended-Run Backup Power Protection to Gulf Coast Region (2019-2020)

PDF SOFC Provides Supplemental Power to Remote Solar Powered Railroad Crossing (December 2018)

PDF SOFCs Provide Extended-Run Backup Protection at Railroad Crossings in Midwest (June 2018)

PDF SOFC & Solar Hybrid System for PTC Project (April 2017)

PDF SOFC, Solar & Wind Hybrid System for PTC Project (April 2017)

PDF SOFC Provides Extended-Run Backup to Railroad Intermediate Signal (June 2016)

PDF SOFCs for Railroad Corridor "Hardening" Project (2016)

PDF SOFC Provides Extended-Run Backup Power to "High Rail Traffic" Railroad Crossing in Midwest (2014)

Photo Gallery

  P250i Solid Oxide Fuel Cells - RedHawk Projects Photo Gallery